Yeah, sorry for the three-mile long title. I just… Didn’t know what else to call it. ūüôā Sorry not sorry.


I haven’t been timing how long I’ve been outlining/brainstorming/structuring/whatindawerlddoicalldising, so I’m just going to… I don’t know… Tell you what I’m doing and shove snippets down your poor throat. >:)


Have fun.


Snippets are in blockquotes, like this. 


So, I read a book by David Morrell (Lessons From a Lifetime of Writing) talking about writing, and I found something I thought was cooler than outlining, so I’m using it. He didn’t really name the method, so I’ll call it… Talking to Myself.


Okay fine, Lauretsville, FL. Is your mind made up? 

No, it’s quite real.¬†



Yayyy I made a decision! 


As you can see, I have quite a bit of fun with this technique. ūüėČ (Okay, that second one wasn’t from a Talking to Myself, but whatever.)


Basically what it is is a written conversation with yourself. Exactly what it sounds like. XD


Rule #1: Don’t be serious (Morrell didn’t actually say that). I’m pretty much never serious in my conversation with myself. And apparently I’m really mean to me. :/


Rule #2: Ask yourself a lot of questions, especially “Why?” and “So what?” (Yes, Morrell said that.) I ask questions, but probably not enough, and I fall pretty short on “Why?” and “So what?” But I’m working on it. ūüôā


Where is this story set? Have you thought about it at all? 

Uhh… Not really, actually. The state of Florida.¬†

What city? 

Supercallafragialisticexbiallidocious, FL. 


(I know, I spelled Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wrong. Whatever.)


The idea is to figure out your story without the boring outline. Nothing is decided; it’s only a big pile of random ideas. If you get an idea, write it down, no matter how stupid or how much sense it makes. Explore everything thoroughly. See what works and what doesn’t. Also make sure you don’t have any plot holes. Those are annoying (from what I’ve heard. Yippee! Lots of rewrites!).


I like the bombs idea, though. 

I figured. 


So that’s a short description of what I’m currently doing. And now, because I love snippets, it’s time for a snippet spree!


What’s a snippet spree? Glad you asked. It’s where I machine-gun fire snippets at you until you pass out. >:) (Just kidding, just kidding.) Good luck surviving!


Goodness, I’m so indecisive! I’ve had this one ending in mind since the inception of this idea, and I just recently came up with another one, and NOW I CAN’T DECIDE BETWEEN THE TWO. HALP.¬†


I have names for my characters. Raven, Sparrow, Pablo, Jacob, Jesse, Singapore, Ican’tremembertheothergirl’sname, and so on and so forth. I have a title.¬†The Raven and the Sparrow. I kinda know what I want to happen, but what I want to happen isn’t fitting well with the Christian part.¬†


I have one simple word that refutes all of that. 

What’s that?¬†



Why in the wide world would they go to church? 

Simple. Family. 

Their mom and dad aren’t Christians. And I¬†was¬†thinking about their aunt and uncle.¬†


But are they alone? >:) 



Wow. Those summaries were super profesh. 


Okay, well, what do you want to happen at the beginning of the story? 

Ah, yes, the beginning. A very good place to start…¬†



Okay, we’ve got setting. Let’s talk about the characters. Who’s the main antagonist?¬†

Jesse Hartley, of course. 

Yes, yes. What’s Jesse’s plan?¬†


Do you want to add to that? 

What would I add? 

Like maybe that’s just what he wants people to think.¬†


Aha! I like where this is going! And it’s almost 22:00, so good night.¬†

Okay, good night. 


After that one I just wrote down ideas without the conversation with myself:


First part a = Not very Christian b/c Raven is worldly, rebellious brat but his aunt and uncle take him and Sparrow to church 


First part c = still not very Christian but Raven is distraught because ******************************************************************************* HEHE SPOILERS 

First part d = Still not very Christian *************************** HAHA SPOILERS ********************************************************************** EEEHEHE MORE SPOILERS 


a. intro 

b. show how bratty they are 

c. Mom and Dad are sick of it so they get sent off on ship 

d. Even more bratty 


Wow that’s a long book.¬†


Idea 1 is a little more appealing to me. I think I’ll take Idea 1.¬†


Aaaaannnnd the snippet spree is over.




For now.


Very soon, I will come back with an update on What Do I Even Call This, and THERE WILL BE MORE SNIPPET SHOVING. HEHEHE. And then hopefully I’ll be more regular with my Talking to Myselfing, starting Saturday.


So until the dreaded next time,



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