I’m just too impatient! I want to write it now, but I’m already writing two so I don’t need a third one– GAHHHH!!!!




What I’m saying is, to steam off some of my impatience, I must share this with you. IT’S THE ONLY WAY. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I’M GOING NUTS


First of all, I want to thank my inspiror. (That’s clearly not a word.) Remember my post about the amazing musician who writes the epicness of songs of the musicalness? (It was forever ago so you probably don’t.) Well, the musician, BrunuhVille, composed THE MOST EPIC SONG EVER IN THE UNIVERSALS, and it inspired this amazing story and he deserves to be acknowledged. So thank you, BrunuhVille, for the amazingness incarnate of this idea. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU IS AN UNDER-EXAGGERATION LIKE HOW DO I SAY THIS. *Takes deep breath*


Okay… I need to calm down before I hyperventilate again.
















The Wolf and the Moon


A war has started between the Darks and the Lights in the Winter Region, and both want Luna, a powerful half-Dark half-Light Elemental, on their side. So when Luna takes the Light side, the Darks chase her down. She’s on the run.

Meanwhile, Lyall, a Warrior Wolf Wild, watches the action from his small village in the Winter Region. He’s beginning to fall in love with Luna, and he wants to keep her safe. King Bardalph insists on keeping the Wilds separate from the Elementals, but Lyall goes to find her, anyway, having no idea what he’s getting himself into.


I am so excited about this idea guys.


How do I know?


  2. I literally not only already made that front cover, but a back cover, and… (Are you ready?) … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … A spine. I’m weird, I know, and I am not ashamed in the slightest.
  3. I was writing snippets for the ACTUAL STORY directly after I wrote a synopsis of what happens and how and when the idea was inspired. And every time I listen to the song I think up at least one new one.
  4. I’m already collecting a very detailed list of facts about the story.
  5. It is taking EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to not start Talking to Myselfing about it yet.
  6. I’m calling it an ABEH already.
  7. The idea hasn’t even been in my head for five days and it’s already quite well developed. Comparatively.
  8. I’m not writing down facts and feeling like they’re being forcibly squeezed out of my head like last time.
  9. I’m not writing down facts that I re-read and re-read, thinking, “You know… This is actually kinda dumb,” like last time.
  10. I’m not getting stuck on a confusing storyline filled with plot holes like last time.
  11. I haven’t gotten less and less excited about it for each day that passes until I finally delete all the documents and throw away all the papers about it. Like last time.
  12. I have a string of all capital A’s running through my head when I think about it.
  13. I look back on last time thinking, “Hi peasant. You’ve been replaced. >:)”


You’re probably wondering what “last time” is.




The first time I heard this song on HDSounDI, I immediately fell in love. So I listened to it.




And over.



And over.




And over.


And, of course, epic scenes ran through my head. Surprise, surprise.


Then, inspiration struck. Surprise, surprise.


I liked this new idea I had. I looked at baby name sites for once in my miserable writing life (before I thought they were stupid), and I wrote down a whole bunch of names to choose from for Lyall and Luna (originally, Lyall’s name was Zev, but I don’t remember what Luna’s was) and slowly began to pull together a story.


Eventually, I lost interest.


I don’t remember a whole lot about it now because it’s been neglected and I deleted/threw away everything I had about it, but I do know that I thought it was stupid and confusing and random and didn’t really have a point to it. And all of those things were true.


So I gave up on it.


But now…


I was listening to an EPIC song called The Wolf and the Moon, and epic scenes were running through my head when my inspiration to write a story inspired by the song was revived–BUT THIS TIME IT’S INFINITELY BETTER AAAAAAAAAAAAAA 


(There’s that string of A’s again)








I’m ecstatic.


Luna is a half-Light, half-Dark Elemental who, instead of having one Element or the other, has both Elements merged together to create the Moon Element.


Lyall is a Wolf Wild with Warrior powers who watches all this from a distance, and is beginning to fall in love with her.


King Bardalph says that the Wilds have no business getting involved with the Elementals.


Lyall goes by himself to look for Luna 


Elementals have Elemental powers, obviously. The Elements are: Fire, Water, Nature, Earth, Air, Ice, Metal, Lightning, Dark, and Light.


Wilds are humans with the ability to turn into a certain animal. The animals are: Wolf, Fox, Lion, Tiger, Coyote, Eagle, Raven, and Cheetah.


There are four different regions, and in each one the season is always the same. They are: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This book is set in the Winter region.


I’m pulling together facts that make sense.


The point is, this is my new WIP (as soon as I publish my current ones, anyway), and I’m not changing my mind. Seriously, when I read what I have on it, and when I look at the covers (and spine) I made, and even right now, I just want to bust out laughing with excitement. I try not to, but a huge smile spreads across my face and I can’t help it. I might not be able to go for very long without a good Talking to Myself session XD


Don’t ask for spoilers, ’cause you ain’t getting any. 🙂




I wrote some snippets for the story!


I almost forgot! XD I’m so dumb.


You didn’t think I was done with the snippets, did you? >:)


If you did, too bad.


I turned into a wolf and ran as fast as I could through the snow. Once I reached them, I bit down on the Dark’s arm and dragged him to the ground. Then, I changed back into a human, drew my sword, and was about to cut his throat when he cried out, “Mercy! Mercy!” 

I held my sword out in front of me. “Fine then, coward. Run back to mommy.” So he did. 

When I was sure he wouldn’t come back around and stab me in the back, I turned to Luna just in time to see her fall. I quickly sheathed my sword and caught her, carefully laying her back in the powdery snow. 

“Luna… Don’t die on me Luna…” I begged softly. She smiled and closed her eyes. “No!” I wouldn’t let her die, not on my watch. I changed into a wolf and let out a long distress howl. Medics!

A short time later, my howl was answered by Bleddyn. I’m coming, Lyall!


Finally, Bleddyn appeared at the top of the hill. He changed into a human just as I did. 

“Lyall! What’s wrong?” He asked, raising his voice to be heard over the howling blizzard.

“It’s Luna! Quickly!” I shouted back. 

“King Bardalph won’t be happy if we take her back to the village,” Bleddyn warned. 

“I know. That’s why we’re taking her to my camp once you hurry up and heal her as much as you can,” I replied impatiently. 

“Alright, alright!” He used his Healing Wolf powers until it wouldn’t work anymore, then I picked her up, and we started toward my camp. 




I looked out the tent’s window to see Lyall practicing his Warrior Wolf powers. The first thing I noticed was he was holding the sword wrong. I moved to sit in the tent’s doorway. 

“So is that way more effective or something?” I asked after a long silence. 

He stopped and looked at me. “I’m left-handed.” 

“Left-handed?” I stood. “I didn’t know that was possible.” 

He smiled and shrugged. “Guess I’m proof that it is.” 

I smiled. “You must be really talented.” 

“I guess. People say I’m good at writing.” 

“Really? I’ll have to read some of your work, then.” 

He shrugged again. “Maybe.” 

For a moment, there was only the faint sound of the Water Wall off in the distance. Then, he took a deep breath. 

“Luna… I have to tell you something,” he said, looking me in the eye. 


He sheathed his sword and took a step toward me. 

“I think I’m falling in love with you.” 

My jaw dropped. “Oh…” I hadn’t even realized. I thought he was only a friend. How could I have been so oblivious? 

“Correction,” he smiled, “I know I’m falling in love with you.” 

“I’ve never been one for love, but… I think I’m jumping in after you.” 

We stood there in the woods, gazing into each other’s eyes. His wild but caring yellow eyes made me forget the strange heat that made me sweat, the solid dirt ground beneath me, the buzzing of insects, the bright greenery and flower bushes. The whole world seemed to disappear, until there was only Lyall and I. 




There’s one more, but I don’t feel like copying any more stuff from my notebook. It’s too painstaking. And those snippets (especially the last one) are not exactly the same as in my notebook. I decided to improvise a little. 🙂


Welp, that’s it! XD Aren’t you glad?


Until next time,



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