Best Music Sources — Music Sites/Channels I Use A LOT

While doing some dishes for Mom, the idea for this post randomly came to me, and I thought it might be helpful. So here you go. 🙂


I don’t know about any of you guys, but I listen to music while I write. I pretty much don’t write unless I have music (unless I’m writing in my notebook. But I want a CD player in my bedroom for this very reason. XD). And I don’t really like to keep my favorite music to myself, so…


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…



The Best Music Sites/Channels I Use A LOT


Not in any particular order, since I’m terrible at choosing favorites. 🙂



#1: HDSounDI is basically just a promotional site for composers/musicians. I’ve really only ever listened to their emotionals and epics, but from what I’ve heard from it, it’s a really awesome source of music. I especially love HDSounDI because they have an auto-replay thingy so you can listen to their songs on a loop. I don’t know if anyone else listens to the same song over and over and over (and over and over)…


But it’s useful for me. 😉


And also, they have a YouTube channel. 🙂


A song worth hearing on this site



#2: BrunuhVille


BrunuhVille is a composer, and I actually found him off of HDSounDI. HE’S SERIOUSLY AMAZING AND WRITES THE BEST MUSIC I LOVE IT. He also has a YouTube channel. Go buy his music, he deserves it.




A song worth hearing on this channel (guess which one it is? XD)  



#3: SoundCloud


SoundCloud is kinda like HDSounDI but I don’t think they have a YouTube channel. SoundCloud is a promotional site for composers and musicians, and there’s A LOT of music on there. You can make playlists if you have an account, and when you listen to a song, once that song is over, it keeps playing more that are like it or in the same genre. Actually, I’m listening to music on it right now! XD


A song worth hearing on this site


#4: The Piano Guys


The Piano Guys are AMAZING!! They have all the popular worldly songs (don’t worry, they have Christian songs, too. ;)) played in the most beautiful classical way. There are songs by The Piano Guys that I’m not too fond the original versions of, but I love their versions. They have a YouTube channel, as well. 🙂


A song worth hearing from this channel 🙂 (Oh, and can’t forget THIS ONE.)



#5: Andy McKee


Andy McKee is…






He does American Fingerpicking, I think, on his guitar. AND IT’S AWESOME. GO OVER TO HIS SITE. GOOOOOO. THE LINK IS IN BOLD, UP DUR. ^


A song worth hearing from this site (except it’s on someone else’s YouTube channel because the site was being annoying) (I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS SONG AAHHH XD XD XD) 



And of course, the most generic and obvious one…


#6: The Handy Little Search Bar on YouTube, So You Can Look For 10 Hour Tracks. 🙂


I really, really love listening to 10 hour tracks of movie themes while I write. Especially because this song is so appropriate for one of my current WIPs (I mean… It did inspire it, after all. XD). If there’s a movie that you love that’s in the same genre as your WIP and the theme fits the mood, then search up a 10 hour track and start writing! 🙂


A song worth hearing from this–Wait… Psych! There’s no link here because THERE’S ALREADY ONE UP DUR. ^ 🙂 



So, that completes my selection of well-used music sources. 🙂 Yeah, they all have some pretty large selections, but bookmark all the sites and subscribe to all the channels, anyway, ’cause you can never have too much music! I can’t have enough music. XD


See ya around!


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    1. REALLY?? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE THEMMMMMMMM Like seriously having them on my radio at the house is not enough I need to listen to them in the car too but I DON'T HAVE THEIR CDS YET WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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