Hi, I’m Back Early With A New Idea(s)!

Well, Hello There! I’m Back Again!

So, I got this new idea for a novel and I can’t help but share, so I’m giving you a random post about it! XD I don’t know when I will begin this project, of course, but I hope it will be relatively soon because I really want to write it.


How My Idea Found Its Way to Me

So, on the night of August the 18th at 23:04 o’clock, I was having trouble sleeping, as usual. My random thoughts drifted to a Studio C video (something about intervention and the Lord of the Rings wizard guy… Is his name Gandalf?). In that video, the wizard guy (I’m gonna say his name is Gandalf) said something about if we only have sunshine in our life, eventually we’ll only have a desert. Then that somehow lead to this long speech thing being composed in my head:


“Let’s say a drought hits your area. No rain for a long, long time. You’d pray for rain, right? And if a nice and huge lightning storm came, you’d be rejoicing, right? 

“Compare this to spiritual life. All we want is sunshine and comfort and hope the storm never comes. In your spiritual life, you want this drought to happen. But if you have nothing but sunshine, eventually there’s no life in your world. It becomes a desert. And you may not realize that everything around you is dying because you’re happy and nothing bad is happening. Of course, you and your loved ones are healthy, financially sound, and life is going great, but in all this sunshine and happiness, you’re losing sight of God. You think of Him less and less. And that might be why I’m going through a storm right now.”

(That was copied straight fro my notebook word-for-word, so of course it’s a little rough and needs revising. And side note: this is supposed to be spoken/written/cantdecide by a fictional character, not me, but this probably will be me someday XD) 


And that lead to this idea. I mean, I think. I could’ve had the idea in my head before I thought about that inspirational speech or whatever, but that doesn’t matter right now.


So Here’s My Idea


Perfect Peace 

Cristella is facing a hard trial. Both of her parents were severely injured in a car accident, and likely won’t survive. She’s distraught, and God doesn’t seem to be anywhere near no matter how hard she prays. When her parents die, she begins to question God. What did she do to deserve this? If this is a trial of faith, is God really all-knowing?


What the (s) Is All About

I’ve expanded on this idea a bit today upon listening to the Best Of Sappheiros mix with rain sounds in the background, and I don’t really know what to do with these new ideas. Basically I’m not sure if these new ideas will make a whole new novel, and if it won’t whether or not it will make sense when put in with this other story.


This is the snippet I came up with:


I sit under the roof of my fort, staring out into the rain. I wish for home more now than ever, because I’m fairly certain it’s Christmas. A tear slides down my cheek. It’s Christmas, and I have no one. Not even a random stranger. This is worse than that time I ran away and had Christmas on the streets with some homeless guy, I think to myself, laying down on my bench. I miss the snow, and the decorations, and the singing, and my friends, everyone giving to everyone else…
The sad thoughts only bring more tears, so I try to focus on the positive.
I at least have food. 
I’m still alive. 
But I’m completely alone. Will anyone ever find me? 
So much for positivity.
Come on, Cristella. You used to be the ultimate optimist, and now look at you. What happened to perfect peace? I’m sure this is only a trial that will soon pass. 
I still have the Reason to celebrate. God is still right here next to me, whether I realize it or not. 
I smile, remembering the terrible car accident that killed both my parents. That was possibly the darkest moment of my life, but God brought me through it, and taught me an important lesson, too. No matter what happens, I should trust Him, because He is all-knowing and all-powerful.
I stand up and lean against the railing, letting the rain soak my hair and clothes. “God, you’re so good to me,” I whisper, tears filling my eyes. But this time they’re tears of joy. “This might not be the ideal situation, but You’re still here, and I know You’ll always take care of me, no matter what.” I smile up at the sky, a verse from Job coming to mind. Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. “I think I might have found my life verse, too.” 
So in this part of the story, Cristella is stranded on an island, and that’s pretty much what I’ve got. I don’t know what to do with it right now, but I’ll figure it out eventually. XD
That’s my idea. It’ll be on my Next Projects page if you want to know more, and let me know what you think!
Until next time,

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