Writing Update + Snippets + Blog Revamp

It’s Been Too Long (And I’m Too Lazy) To Count The Weeks

Hi! It’s me again, back with another writing update! During my unspoken hiatus (more like toward the end of it), I did a lot of writing. It was mostly trying to figure out Raven and Tobias and changing the atomic structure of the stories (okay, it wasn’t that bad, but I still changed a lot on both), but you still deserve an update. Because it’s been over a month. 🙈

So, since there wasn’t much actual writing going on, I’ll be comparing the old version to the new version of each novel (without spoiling, of course). Here we go!


La Comparaison (That’s French for The Comparison) 


The Raven and the Sparrow


Difference #1: Background

Version 1: Raven, Sparrow, and their parents are not Christians and not religious.

Version 2: Raven and Sparrow grew up in church.


Difference #2: Sibling Rivalry

Version 1: Raven and Sparrow have been fighting since they were three years old for no real reason.

Version 2: Raven and Sparrow have only been fighting for four years, and Raven started the whole thing to look cool in front of his friends.


Difference #3: Raven’s Lie

Version 1: Raven’s Lie is that everything can and will stay the same (wow I’m glad I solved that problem XD)

Version 2: Raven’s Lie is that rebellion is cool.


Difference #4: Charity

Version 1: The ship cruise is a non-religious charity for troubled youth.

Version 2: The ship cruise belongs to a Christian organization that owns both a boys and a girls home for troubled youth.


I think that’s all for this one. These changes have definitely made the story infinitely better. But I’ve been thinking about the title, and I don’t really think it fits the book. If you have any suggestions for a better title, let me know in the comments.


Lost Memories


Difference #1: Occupations

Version 1: Tobias, Tiger, and Gideon either are or will become pirates.

Version 2: Tobias, Madison (A.K.A. Tiger), Gideon, and Mason are captured by pirates and made slaves to them.


Difference #2: Team Members

Version 1: The main protagonist is Tobias, and the supporting characters are Tiger (who is somewhere around 10) and Gideon (who is an adult but I didn’t ever figure out his actual age).

Version 2: The main protagonist is Tobias, and the supporting characters are Madison (A.K.A. Tiger, 18), Gideon (still no precise age yet but still adult), and Mason (21).


Difference #3: Tobias’s Lie

Version 1: Tobias’s Lie is… Um… Spoilery, and also not that great. Partly because it’s spoilery.

Version 2: Tobias’s Lie is the most important thing in life is happiness and comfort because God doesn’t exist so life has no real meaning.


Difference #4: Madison’s (Tiger’s) Lie

Version 1: Tiger’s Lie is nonexistent.

Version 2: Madison’s Lie is when someone wrongs you, you may rightfully take revenge on the transgressor.


Difference #5: Tobias’s First Action in His Dream

Version 1: When Tobias wakes up, he’s laying in some undecided place on land. He meets an elderly woman and talks with her.

Version 2: When Tobias wakes up, he’s on a ship. Mason finds him and accuses him of being a stowaway.


And that’s all the significant differences I can think of. I’m really hyped for this story especially, I can’t wait until I start (I’m starting it in NaNo)!


And Now for the Snippets!! (You’re Not Allowed to Skip These)


Tobias believes (mostly unconsciously) that  the most important thing in life is happiness and comfort because God doesn’t exist so life has no real meaning. When he’s faced with a trial or a storm in his life he doesn’t take it well and begins to complain to himself in his head. Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? How can people be so stupid? If a god exists, why would it put people through things like this? Those are the things that tend to go through his mind during a difficult time.


Raven believes that rebellion is cool. He’s been taught all his life that this is wrong, but awhile ago he started getting involved with some rebel kids who laughed at him because he was afraid to get drunk or whatever dumb thing they wanted him to do. So to prove he wasn’t “old-fashioned and lame” anymore, he began to force himself to hate Sparrow and be a jerk to her. Eventually she was a jerk back, and now it’s developed into this huge pointless war.


Madison believes (very adamantly) that when someone wrongs you, you may rightfully take revenge on the transgressor. She does not easily forgive and she has serious anger issues.



[Don’t ask.]


Body type / Build: Sorry, what?

Facial description: How am I supposed to do this?

Prominent features or distinguishing marks: SERIOUSLY.       WHY U MAKE DIS SO HAWD.

[**cough, cough** cry for help **cough, cough**]


Favorite phrases: …

Character Profiles for Lost Memories (I Don’t Have Them for The Raven and the Sparrow, Sorry)


Full Name: Tobias (HE’S SO CUTE)
Age: 14
Occupation: Slave owned by a pirate captain (****** *** ***** WAAAT SPOILERS)
Situation: His family has fallen apart, and he’s trapped away from the part he has left
Motivation: Desperately wants to see his family put back together again
Full Name: Madison Teresa Hawkins (A.K.A. Tiger)
Age: 18
Occupation: Uhh, most of the book she’s also a slave
Situation: Her mother and one of her siblings are believed to be dead, and on top of that the Cannon Fire, her father’s ship as well as her home, has been stolen by pirates and she and her family are now slaves to them
Motivation: Wants revenge on her uncle for killing her mom and brother
Full Name: Mason David Hawkins
Age: 21
Occupation: Slave for most of the book
Situation: His younger brother, who was his best friend, was killed in a pillaging of his village, and pirates have stolen his father’s ship and taken them for slaves. The slavery wouldn’t bother him to such a degree if they’d let his sister go.
Motivation: Wants his family to be free and happy and his uncle brought to justice (not taken revenge on, brought to justice).

And Finally…

Some of you may have noticed that my blog has changed yet again. I changed it because the last theme, although I liked it, wasn’t working well. I wanted to have a header picture of a notebook like I do now, but I couldn’t set it on the previous theme, and besides that there were other things that annoyed me about it. So here we are with this theme, my final choice (hopefully)!

The theme wasn’t the only thing I changed, though. I’ve been updating my pages lately (namely, my About Me page, my Next Projects page, and my Current Projects page), and I added a few widgets to my sidebar and footer.

The first widget has been there for awhile, but it’s a little “Hello” blurb. The second one has been there since the beginning; that’s my pages. The third is a reminder not to steal any of my ideas, the fourth is a little announcement thingy that’ll get updated quite a bit, and finally there’s a search bar. And at the bottom there’s a thing for the most recent comments. (It says Look Who”s Talking in the title because for some reason the apostrophe wouldn’t work.)


Anyhow, that’s all I have for today! My next post isn’t predictable, but I will definitely post on Tuesday, so stay tuned!



Oh, and P.S.

I recently made a sad decision. I had to shelve The Wolf and the Moon. If you forgot why or didn’t see the post, all is explained here.




I really am sorry I haven’t posted in over a month now. I know these are pathetic excuses, but I’ve been a writing slump this summer, so I’ve gotten pretty much ZILCH done in writing, I’ve been working on taming the horrifying and messy beast we call my bedroom, we started school kinda early and we’re trying to adjust to a new curriculum, and we have family coming from Iowa next week so now I’m like AAAHHH because my room is still a nightmare.


And I’ve been watching lots of YouTube videos in my free time instead of writing, so yeah, that’s where the instant gratification monkey comes in. :/ (I love Wait But Why’s tag line. “New post every sometimes.” XD XD)


Now, because I can’t just leave you with this short post, I’m going to tell you in a (hopefully) less confusing way what’s been going on.


  1. Beating myself up about being a terrible person because I keep sleeping late, I’m extremely disorganized, and I can’t keep an even balance between fun things, my must-do responsibilities, and other work that I’ve volunteered to do myself
  2. Farting around on YouTube
  3. Confusing myself about what to do with The Wolf and the Moon (plus other ideas that all have one thing in common)


You probably want to know about that third point, so here you go:


Why I’m Creating Controversy About A Few Of My Ideas In The Scary Place Called My Mind And Considering Making A Very Sad Decision Wow This Is A Long Heading


Exodus 22:18 — Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.


Witch — a woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick. Synonyms: sorceress, enchantress, necromancer, etc. 


Sorceress — a female sorcerer; a witch. (Sorcerer: a person who claims or is believed to have magic powers; a wizard.)


Enchantress — a woman who uses magic or sorcery, especially to put someone or something under a spell.


Necromancer — a person who practices necromancy; a wizard or magician. (Necromancy: the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future.)


Magic — the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.


Definitions from Google Dictionary 


So, you can tell that magic and things related to it are demonic. For this reason, I have decided not to write about anything magical, paranormal, or alien (yes, aliens aren’t normally magical, but I have my own reasons to believe they’re demons. Read Genesis 6 KJV). Some things, like superhero stories or the Lance family story (it had elemental powered people in it) can easily be modified so their powers are the result of technology, or just take out the supernatural entirely (except things having to do with God, of course). But… The Wolf and the Moon? What do I do with that?


True, I could modify it like with superhero ones. That’s easy for Zev. Some sort of ring that uses technology to turn him into a wolf and give him fighting powers or something. But Luna’s doesn’t work that way. What technological powers could I give her that would have anything at all to do with the moon?


I could take out the superpowers altogether and just make it a Christian action/romance, but then how would I keep the title The Wolf and the Moon? I really, really don’t want to shelve it, but I also don’t think it’s a good idea to be writing about magic. Is there a way to make it work, I have no idea. Once I come to a conclusion I’ll update you.




With that out of the way, I’ll be putting another post out on Thursday and then hopefully one at least every three days after that until I figure out my schedules. See you then!



Week Two of Writing My Novels — Weekly Writing Recap



I literally just finished my chapter outline for my pirate story Saturday. I almost didn’t get it completed. Just in the nick of time! Whew!




Most of the work I got done this week was from Friday and Saturday.


Make that all of the work I got done this week.


But that was mostly because I was on vacation from June 6th until Friday, and half of Friday was driving home. The other half was chapter outlining. So I guess I can give myself a little grace.


But only a little.


So… On with the recap.


What Do I Even Call This


Days Eight Through Fourteen

Done: 10


Craziest Note:

Progress Rating: Look at me, I’m a snail! ~ UGGHHHH I’M CRAWLING ~ Senior tour ~ Taking the lead in the foot race ~ Driving down the freeway ~ POLICE CHASE!!!!!!!


Day Fifteen, June 16, 2018

Done: 20

Song: 10 hour track of He’s a Pirate by Hans Zimmer

Craziest Note: Then, Captain Dread yells, “Get back to the ship, ye landlubber!” 

Progress Rating: Look at me, I’m a snail! ~ UGGHHHH I’M CRAWLING ~ Senior tour ~ Taking the lead in the foot race ~ Driving down the freeway ~ POLICE CHASE!!!!!!!



How I Did: Pretty badly, in terms of workdays, but that last day was pretty good.

Why: Not enough work put into it (except for the last day).

How I Can Improve Myself: Remember to work more days.

General Review: Uhh… On a scale of one to ten, my overall rating would probably be, like, a three, because I did pretty much NOTHING the entire week. So… Yeah…


The Raven and the Sparrow


Days Eight Through Thirteen

Done: 7


Craziest Note:

Progress Rating: Look at me, I’m a snail! ~ UGGHHHH I’M CRAWLING ~ Senior tour ~ Taking the lead in the foot race ~ Driving down the freeway ~ POLICE CHASE!!!!!!!


Day Fourteen, June 15, 2018

Done: 11

Song: Orion by Zhao Shen

Craziest Note: I actually don’t really know which chapters are which from day fourteen, so… I don’t have a crazy note. 🙂 Sorry, guys.

Progress Rating: Look at me, I’m a snail! ~ UGGHHHH I’M CRAWLING ~ Senior tour ~ Taking the lead in the foot race ~ Driving down the freeway ~ POLICE CHASE!!!!!!!


Day Fifteen, June 16, 2018

Done: 21

Song:  Orion by Zhao Shen

Craziest Note: [HALLELUJAH MY CANKER SORE IS GONE PRAISE THE LORD] (As you can probably tell, that note was completely random and isn’t actually, you know, part of the story. XD) 

Progress Rating: Look at me, I’m a snail! ~ UGGHHHH I’M CRAWLING ~ Senior tour ~ Taking the lead in the foot race ~ Driving down the freeway ~ POLICE CHASE!!!!!!!



How I Did: As far as work days go, pretty badly, but I did quite a workload the last two days.

Why: Failure to remember to sit down and work.

How I Can Improve Myself: Remember to work more often.

General Review: This… Was probably worse than last week, to be honest… The first five days, I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, the sixth day was okay, and the last day… Ehh, I guess it was pretty good. Next week shouldn’t be too hard, because I’m just doing a little research. 🙂 There probably won’t be a recap post for that, though.


Well, that wraps it up for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed, even though there wasn’t a whole lot to cover.


Until next time,


I’m Really Confused So I’m Just Gonna Count This As The First Week Of Writing My Novels — Weekly Writing Recap

A little note: This was supposed to get published on Saturday, but I didn’t get it done in time, and I forgot to finish it on Sunday and Monday, so… If I say “today” anywhere in this post, I mean Saturday. 




Everything is messed up, disorganized, and jumbled right now, so I don’t actually know how long I’ve been writing these novels.


Well. Except for What Do I Even Call This.


And I have no idea what I’m doing. :/


So anyway… I’ll just count this the first week for the sake of non-confusingness and give you an update! 🙂


Oh yeah, and I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a Next Projects Page! I made it… Mostly for me… So I know where I’m going after I complete my current goal. 🙂


But also because I couldn’t wait to share with you my next awesome ideas. 😀


So anyway, on to the update!


What Do I Even Call This


Day One, June 2, 2018

Chapters Outlined (Sort Of): 7

Song: I don’t know what you expected other than my ten hour track of He’s a Pirate.

Craziest Note: The runaway walks the plank after they stab him in a non-lethal place to make him bleed. AND THEY CHEER (except for Tiger).


Day Two, June 3, 2018

Chapters Outlined (Sort Of): I

Song: Did

Craziest Note: Nothing.


Yep. This week was pretty slow. ‘Cause you know, vacation. :/


Day Three, June 4, 2018

Chapters Outlined (Sort Of):


Craziest Note:


Days Four Through Six

Nothing. Nothing at all.


Day Seven, June 8, 2018

Chapters Outlined (Sort Of): 3

Song: The same one I’ve been listening to the entire time of writing this novel. He’s a Pirate by Hans Zimmer.

Craziest Note: Now Tobias is even more confused, if that’s even possible. JUST GIVE ME SOME ANSWERS, PEOPLE!!! 



I’ve done nothing on this one today. I mostly just focused on The Raven and the Sparrow.



How I Did: Not so good.

Why: Not enough work was put into it.

How I Can Improve Myself: Remember to get on my laptop and work more often.

General Review: Slow progress, but the few days I did work I had a pretty nice “zone,” if you know what I mean. Next week, I’m going to work harder. OH BOY I’M GETTING CLOSE TO MY DEADLINE I NEED TO GET TO WORK!


The Raven and the Sparrow


Day One, June 2, 2018

Chapters Outlined (Sort Of):


Craziest Note:


Day Two, June 3, 2018

Chapters Outlined (Sort Of): 5

Song: Orion by Zhao Shen

Craziest Note: Five days after meeting CB, Raven finally says to his three new friends that there’s no doubt about it–Jesse is a freak and it needs to be brought to Captain’s attention. Jacob says NO WAY ARE WE TELLING CAPTAIN JESSE’S CRAZY WHO KNOWS WHAT HE’LL DO.


Day Three, June 4, 2018

Chapters Outlined (Sort Of):


Craziest Note:


Days Four Through Seven

Nothing. Zip zilch nada.



Chapters Outlined (Sort Of): 2

Song: Orion by Zhao Shen

Craziest Note: Jacob says, BUT HE’S A FREAK, and they say, EXACTLY.



How I Did: Pretty badly, in terms of workdays.

Why: Not enough work put into it.

How I Can Improve Myself: Remember to work more days.

General Review: Again, slow progress, but when I did work I had a nice flow of inspiration. Work harder next week. Oh, and I’m so evil, this book is going to be sad.


Very, very sad.




Well, anyway, that’s it for today’s weekly recap! I’m going to try to be doing these every Saturday, and hopefully I’ll have more to report next week. I probably won’t, considering most of the two weeks I had to complete this goal of a rough outline is taken up by mostly vacation.




But the week after that, I will, I promise. You can count on it. 🙂


Until next time,


Best Music Sources — Music Sites/Channels I Use A LOT

While doing some dishes for Mom, the idea for this post randomly came to me, and I thought it might be helpful. So here you go. 🙂


I don’t know about any of you guys, but I listen to music while I write. I pretty much don’t write unless I have music (unless I’m writing in my notebook. But I want a CD player in my bedroom for this very reason. XD). And I don’t really like to keep my favorite music to myself, so…


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…



The Best Music Sites/Channels I Use A LOT


Not in any particular order, since I’m terrible at choosing favorites. 🙂



#1: HDSounDI


hdsoundi.com is basically just a promotional site for composers/musicians. I’ve really only ever listened to their emotionals and epics, but from what I’ve heard from it, it’s a really awesome source of music. I especially love HDSounDI because they have an auto-replay thingy so you can listen to their songs on a loop. I don’t know if anyone else listens to the same song over and over and over (and over and over)…


But it’s useful for me. 😉


And also, they have a YouTube channel. 🙂


A song worth hearing on this site



#2: BrunuhVille


BrunuhVille is a composer, and I actually found him off of HDSounDI. HE’S SERIOUSLY AMAZING AND WRITES THE BEST MUSIC I LOVE IT. He also has a YouTube channel. Go buy his music, he deserves it.




A song worth hearing on this channel (guess which one it is? XD)  



#3: SoundCloud


SoundCloud is kinda like HDSounDI but I don’t think they have a YouTube channel. SoundCloud is a promotional site for composers and musicians, and there’s A LOT of music on there. You can make playlists if you have an account, and when you listen to a song, once that song is over, it keeps playing more that are like it or in the same genre. Actually, I’m listening to music on it right now! XD


A song worth hearing on this site


#4: The Piano Guys


The Piano Guys are AMAZING!! They have all the popular worldly songs (don’t worry, they have Christian songs, too. ;)) played in the most beautiful classical way. There are songs by The Piano Guys that I’m not too fond the original versions of, but I love their versions. They have a YouTube channel, as well. 🙂


A song worth hearing from this channel 🙂 (Oh, and can’t forget THIS ONE.)



#5: Andy McKee


Andy McKee is…






He does American Fingerpicking, I think, on his guitar. AND IT’S AWESOME. GO OVER TO HIS SITE. GOOOOOO. THE LINK IS IN BOLD, UP DUR. ^


A song worth hearing from this site (except it’s on someone else’s YouTube channel because the site was being annoying) (I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS SONG AAHHH XD XD XD) 



And of course, the most generic and obvious one…


#6: The Handy Little Search Bar on YouTube, So You Can Look For 10 Hour Tracks. 🙂


I really, really love listening to 10 hour tracks of movie themes while I write. Especially because this song is so appropriate for one of my current WIPs (I mean… It did inspire it, after all. XD). If there’s a movie that you love that’s in the same genre as your WIP and the theme fits the mood, then search up a 10 hour track and start writing! 🙂


A song worth hearing from this–Wait… Psych! There’s no link here because THERE’S ALREADY ONE UP DUR. ^ 🙂 



So, that completes my selection of well-used music sources. 🙂 Yeah, they all have some pretty large selections, but bookmark all the sites and subscribe to all the channels, anyway, ’cause you can never have too much music! I can’t have enough music. XD


See ya around!







I’m just too impatient! I want to write it now, but I’m already writing two so I don’t need a third one– GAHHHH!!!!




What I’m saying is, to steam off some of my impatience, I must share this with you. IT’S THE ONLY WAY. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I’M GOING NUTS


First of all, I want to thank my inspiror. (That’s clearly not a word.) Remember my post about the amazing musician who writes the epicness of songs of the musicalness? (It was forever ago so you probably don’t.) Well, the musician, BrunuhVille, composed THE MOST EPIC SONG EVER IN THE UNIVERSALS, and it inspired this amazing story and he deserves to be acknowledged. So thank you, BrunuhVille, for the amazingness incarnate of this idea. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU IS AN UNDER-EXAGGERATION LIKE HOW DO I SAY THIS. *Takes deep breath*


Okay… I need to calm down before I hyperventilate again.
















The Wolf and the Moon


A war has started between the Darks and the Lights in the Winter Region, and both want Luna, a powerful half-Dark half-Light Elemental, on their side. So when Luna takes the Light side, the Darks chase her down. She’s on the run.

Meanwhile, Lyall, a Warrior Wolf Wild, watches the action from his small village in the Winter Region. He’s beginning to fall in love with Luna, and he wants to keep her safe. King Bardalph insists on keeping the Wilds separate from the Elementals, but Lyall goes to find her, anyway, having no idea what he’s getting himself into.


I am so excited about this idea guys.


How do I know?


  2. I literally not only already made that front cover, but a back cover, and… (Are you ready?) … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … A spine. I’m weird, I know, and I am not ashamed in the slightest.
  3. I was writing snippets for the ACTUAL STORY directly after I wrote a synopsis of what happens and how and when the idea was inspired. And every time I listen to the song I think up at least one new one.
  4. I’m already collecting a very detailed list of facts about the story.
  5. It is taking EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to not start Talking to Myselfing about it yet.
  6. I’m calling it an ABEH already.
  7. The idea hasn’t even been in my head for five days and it’s already quite well developed. Comparatively.
  8. I’m not writing down facts and feeling like they’re being forcibly squeezed out of my head like last time.
  9. I’m not writing down facts that I re-read and re-read, thinking, “You know… This is actually kinda dumb,” like last time.
  10. I’m not getting stuck on a confusing storyline filled with plot holes like last time.
  11. I haven’t gotten less and less excited about it for each day that passes until I finally delete all the documents and throw away all the papers about it. Like last time.
  12. I have a string of all capital A’s running through my head when I think about it.
  13. I look back on last time thinking, “Hi peasant. You’ve been replaced. >:)”


You’re probably wondering what “last time” is.




The first time I heard this song on HDSounDI, I immediately fell in love. So I listened to it.




And over.



And over.




And over.


And, of course, epic scenes ran through my head. Surprise, surprise.


Then, inspiration struck. Surprise, surprise.


I liked this new idea I had. I looked at baby name sites for once in my miserable writing life (before I thought they were stupid), and I wrote down a whole bunch of names to choose from for Lyall and Luna (originally, Lyall’s name was Zev, but I don’t remember what Luna’s was) and slowly began to pull together a story.


Eventually, I lost interest.


I don’t remember a whole lot about it now because it’s been neglected and I deleted/threw away everything I had about it, but I do know that I thought it was stupid and confusing and random and didn’t really have a point to it. And all of those things were true.


So I gave up on it.


But now…


I was listening to an EPIC song called The Wolf and the Moon, and epic scenes were running through my head when my inspiration to write a story inspired by the song was revived–BUT THIS TIME IT’S INFINITELY BETTER AAAAAAAAAAAAAA 


(There’s that string of A’s again)








I’m ecstatic.


Luna is a half-Light, half-Dark Elemental who, instead of having one Element or the other, has both Elements merged together to create the Moon Element.


Lyall is a Wolf Wild with Warrior powers who watches all this from a distance, and is beginning to fall in love with her.


King Bardalph says that the Wilds have no business getting involved with the Elementals.


Lyall goes by himself to look for Luna 


Elementals have Elemental powers, obviously. The Elements are: Fire, Water, Nature, Earth, Air, Ice, Metal, Lightning, Dark, and Light.


Wilds are humans with the ability to turn into a certain animal. The animals are: Wolf, Fox, Lion, Tiger, Coyote, Eagle, Raven, and Cheetah.


There are four different regions, and in each one the season is always the same. They are: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. This book is set in the Winter region.


I’m pulling together facts that make sense.


The point is, this is my new WIP (as soon as I publish my current ones, anyway), and I’m not changing my mind. Seriously, when I read what I have on it, and when I look at the covers (and spine) I made, and even right now, I just want to bust out laughing with excitement. I try not to, but a huge smile spreads across my face and I can’t help it. I might not be able to go for very long without a good Talking to Myself session XD


Don’t ask for spoilers, ’cause you ain’t getting any. 🙂




I wrote some snippets for the story!


I almost forgot! XD I’m so dumb.


You didn’t think I was done with the snippets, did you? >:)


If you did, too bad.


I turned into a wolf and ran as fast as I could through the snow. Once I reached them, I bit down on the Dark’s arm and dragged him to the ground. Then, I changed back into a human, drew my sword, and was about to cut his throat when he cried out, “Mercy! Mercy!” 

I held my sword out in front of me. “Fine then, coward. Run back to mommy.” So he did. 

When I was sure he wouldn’t come back around and stab me in the back, I turned to Luna just in time to see her fall. I quickly sheathed my sword and caught her, carefully laying her back in the powdery snow. 

“Luna… Don’t die on me Luna…” I begged softly. She smiled and closed her eyes. “No!” I wouldn’t let her die, not on my watch. I changed into a wolf and let out a long distress howl. Medics!

A short time later, my howl was answered by Bleddyn. I’m coming, Lyall!


Finally, Bleddyn appeared at the top of the hill. He changed into a human just as I did. 

“Lyall! What’s wrong?” He asked, raising his voice to be heard over the howling blizzard.

“It’s Luna! Quickly!” I shouted back. 

“King Bardalph won’t be happy if we take her back to the village,” Bleddyn warned. 

“I know. That’s why we’re taking her to my camp once you hurry up and heal her as much as you can,” I replied impatiently. 

“Alright, alright!” He used his Healing Wolf powers until it wouldn’t work anymore, then I picked her up, and we started toward my camp. 




I looked out the tent’s window to see Lyall practicing his Warrior Wolf powers. The first thing I noticed was he was holding the sword wrong. I moved to sit in the tent’s doorway. 

“So is that way more effective or something?” I asked after a long silence. 

He stopped and looked at me. “I’m left-handed.” 

“Left-handed?” I stood. “I didn’t know that was possible.” 

He smiled and shrugged. “Guess I’m proof that it is.” 

I smiled. “You must be really talented.” 

“I guess. People say I’m good at writing.” 

“Really? I’ll have to read some of your work, then.” 

He shrugged again. “Maybe.” 

For a moment, there was only the faint sound of the Water Wall off in the distance. Then, he took a deep breath. 

“Luna… I have to tell you something,” he said, looking me in the eye. 


He sheathed his sword and took a step toward me. 

“I think I’m falling in love with you.” 

My jaw dropped. “Oh…” I hadn’t even realized. I thought he was only a friend. How could I have been so oblivious? 

“Correction,” he smiled, “I know I’m falling in love with you.” 

“I’ve never been one for love, but… I think I’m jumping in after you.” 

We stood there in the woods, gazing into each other’s eyes. His wild but caring yellow eyes made me forget the strange heat that made me sweat, the solid dirt ground beneath me, the buzzing of insects, the bright greenery and flower bushes. The whole world seemed to disappear, until there was only Lyall and I. 




There’s one more, but I don’t feel like copying any more stuff from my notebook. It’s too painstaking. And those snippets (especially the last one) are not exactly the same as in my notebook. I decided to improvise a little. 🙂


Welp, that’s it! XD Aren’t you glad?


Until next time,



P.S. Eventually, my site may have a Coming Soon message when you look it up. This is because we’re switching to SiteGround because, I won’t sugarcoat it, BLUEHOST IS TERRIBLE. So, yeah…

















































Okay, what even was that?

A Very Randomized Post About My Writing. I Guess. Oh Yeah, And The Update On What Do I Even Call This.

I must sharpen pencil. 

?? Okay?? 


Okay, I don’t really have any idea about what’s going into this post… Aside from complaining, updates on my other novel, and the ALL-IMPORTANT SNIPPET SHOVING. HEHEHE.


While I was doing the dishes, I listened to He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean, so now I’m in the mood to write some snippets for my pirate WIP. Names subject to change. 


Honestly… I think while I’m trying to get to sleep, ideas are having a party in my head. SERIOUSLY?? YOU HAVE TO DO THIS NOW?? COME ON!!! ANY OTHER TIME, PLEASE!!!



The Raven and the Sparrow

What about it? 


Okay. Calm down. 


You have to focus to work. 

Yeah, I know. 


Awhile ago (at night, obvi), I was trying to fall asleep. Random things were running through my head. Then, at 23:17, I got another random idea. And I had to get up and write it down, otherwise I’d forget it by morning. GRRRRRRRRRRR.


When I stepped out onto the dock, an old man nearly ran into me. 

I was about to say, “Sorry sir,” when I recognized the face. 

Pastor David?” I said disbelievingly. 

The pastor smiled. “Hello there, sonny. Strange we should meet again. I saw them pirates take you, and I was afraid you’d been killed.” 

“No sir. They’ve enslaved me,” I replied. 

He nodded. “Good to see you’re alright. Have you thought at all about what I said that day?” 

I knew what he meant. 

“Yes sir. I’ve given it much thought, actually. I’d like to know more.” 


That snippet was from awhile ago. Closer to the time the idea was inspired. But it is doing better! I’ve stopped procrastinating on it, and I’ve actually almost run out of stuff to Talk To Myself about. XD Looks like I need to listen to He’s a Pirate a LOT more, hoping for some inspiration. 😀 Good thing I love that song…


THIS KID NEEDS A NAME AND I CAN’T DECIDE BETWEEN TALLYN AND TIIR. And that’s only his modern name. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have him take on an older name for when he goes to his dream because he has a strange fear of being suspected he doesn’t belong, plus he needs a pirate name still. WHY. 


I need a definite goal for when I’m going to finish my first drafts for The Raven and the Sparrow and What Do I Even Call This. Hmm. Oh yeah, and I need a Summer writing goal. Umm… How about… The last two weeks of June, I do a little bit of research. Then, in July, my goal will be… 10,000 words each by the end of the month. Yeah. 😀


What is Tallyn’s Lie? 

Ohhh, you’ve got me cornered. 

Kinda my job. 🙂 Think about the story. What– 

THE LIE IS THAT ** ********** **** *** *** ** *** *****. 

Wow… Okay.


What am I gonna do after my first draft? Cut the crap, that’s what. I’m gonna do a macro edit, but first a little more research. I MIGHT get to do NaNo, but I don’t know… *Checks calendar* … Okay, I think I can do it. I have a month to research, a month to macro edit, and a month to do some Talking To Myselfing if I want to change anything. Which I probably will, seeing that this is the first draft and everything, it’ll most likely suck. XD


I went up to the top deck to find Tiger chipping away at a log with her saber. She was pretty strong, evidently. She was whacking off some pretty large chunks. 

“What are you doing?” I asked. 

She didn’t stop swinging. “Completely destroying this log.” 


She stabbed the tip of the blade into the wood and let go. The sword didn’t fall. “It’s satisfying. Especially when I imagine the log is the wretched skullface that killed my brother.” 

Wretched skullface? That was my sister’s insult. I laughed. 

Her dark eyes shot a piercing glare. “It’s not funny,” she growled. 

“Oh, no, I’m sorry. I wasn’t laughing at the part about your brother. It was the skullface insult,” I said. 


No, Autumn had never used “skullface” as an insult. 

Why did I think my sister said that? 

Tiger smiled and shook her head. “I really don’t know what to make of you.” 


Oh, and… I have some news. I’m not doing beta or alpha readers for the first draft. You probably don’t care. But I do have a reason. It’s so I can write something horribly bad and let myself get away with it, because the first draft is the vomit draft. I need to be able to assure myself that “Hey, this is the first draft, don’t worry about it; no one’s going to see it, anyway,” and not come back with an “Oh, you know that’s not true.” (Yes, I argue with myself sometimes. It’s part of being crazy.) Sorry to the one single person who actually wanted to beta or alpha. 🙂


ARE YOU KIDDING ME I LOVE IT WHY AM I SO OBSESSED NOW. Oh my gosh the word yes suddenly became very creepy to me and I don’t know why. 

You’re just tired. 



Okay, time for a snippet spree because I don’t have anything else. >:)


How terribly sad. You’re breaking my heart now. 

Aww, poor you.



Sorry, forgot. 🙂 


Wait, is the final battle called the climax? 

Umm… I don’t know. If climax and final battle are not the same thing, I meant final battle. 🙂 


Wow. I don’t even know what a climax is. XD


Ohh, who’s the supporting character? 

Ahh, yess. Tiger. 😉


What’s her Lie? 

The one person fit to avenge the murders of her brother and father is her and only her. 

Hmm. And the truth? 

It should be taken to court, not left to a little kid, and we’re talking justice, not revenge. 

Ahh. Why does she fight the Truth so hard? 

Because she’s angry. It was her family who was killed, therefore she is the sole rightful avenger. 

I see. Boy does she need to vent. 😀 


And on the subject of the daddy… 


What role does he play? 

Uhh… Good question. I don’t really know. 


He massacred an entire city.

Wow you’re morbid. 



His mental health is terrible.


Tallyn is… (drum roll) ***** *** ******* ***** 

Ooh, juicy! SPOILERY, TOO. 


You didn’t really think I would give out the spoilers, did you? >:)







What’s the main conflict? 

UHH… Good question. 


I NEED TITLES LIKE NOWWW. I have a few ideas, but they just don’t ring as well as I’d like. AGGirl and I have got  The Sleeping Pirate, (which is kinda meh), The Pirate Dream (Which is also kinda meh), Pirate Dreams (also kinda meh), Living a Dream (Still kinda meh), and Escaping a Dream (and still kinda meh). AGHH THE IDEA CRISIS IS SO PAINFUL HELP MEEE!!!! 


I just got a cool idea. The captain’s name is Captain Flint Hawking. HAHA! I am not yet defeated!


Ahoy, matey. 


Ask me some questions, me.

Um… What’s Tallyn’s pirate name?

I was thinking Saber Blade.

That’s kinda cool, I guess.

Yeah, I’m not too fond of it, either. I know next to nothing about pirates.

They were murdering thieves in ships.



I don’t even know when the pirates existed! 

Look it up.

Fine. Be back in a sec. … … … “The era of piracy in the Caribbean began in the 1500s and phased out in the 1830s after the navies of the nations of Western Europe and North America with colonies in the Caribbean began combating pirates. The period during which pirates were most successful was from the 1660s to 1730s.” From Wikipedia, Piracy in the Carribean.

Okay. What year do you want it to take place in?

One sec. … … … GAHH, it didn’t say! How about… 1683?

Okay. Now, look up popular names in 1680 and pick one.

Okay. … … … Bennet. No. Gideon. Yeah. Gideon.


It’s been a little too long since we talked about WIPthatneedsatitle.


And in looking up where pirates got their names, I found a pirate name for Tallyn.

Oh yeah? What’s that?

Tobias Taylor Hawkins.

Hey, that works!

Yep. Most pirates didn’t use their nicknames every day, so to make it more realistic, I changed Tallyn’s old-timey name to Tobias. 


Oooh, juicy. >:)

Yep. Juicy. Not as shocking as…

As what?

I might leave you in suspense of this one.

WHAT?! You can’t do that! I’m your mind, dippy head! I’m the one helping you come up with this story!




What’s the captain’s name? Does he use a nickname? 

Yes. The captain is a very stuck-up man. He thinks he’s so menacing. So feared. So great.

Just tell me his name, dippy head.

Oh, it’s, like, Flint something. I can’t remember right now. Be right back … … … … Captain Flint Hawking. 


Maybe I should change that.


Because it doesn’t quite sound like a name someone trying to be menacing would come up with.

That’s true.

So maybe… Dread Hawking?

Yeah! Dread Hawking! Sounds menacing, but it also sounds dumb because it sounds like someone who’s just trying to be menacing.

Yep. 🙂 

And it still sounds like Hawkins. Coincidence?



Aww, it was a coincidence. *Pouts* But I like to overthink things! 🙁


So, how does Tallyn decide his name is Tobias while he lives in this dream he cannot escape?

Hmm. Snippet time. 🙂

“What’s your name, young man?” The woman asked.

My real name will sound out of place here, I worried. What should I tell her?

I just blurted out the first name I thought of. “Tobias. Tobias Taylor Hawkins.”


We’re using a lot of >:)’s in this conversation.

Yeah, I know. Forget the >:)’s and focus on the task at hand. Dippy head. 

If I’m a dippy head, so are you. 

If I’m a dippy head, so are you!

I didn’t say you were a dippy head!

You’ve called me a dippy head at least twice. I just returned the favor. Now SHUT UP AND FOCUS. 


So, how does he go into a coma?

Field trip + explosion = coma.

What kind of field trip?

Ooh, not a field trip, a gas station visit! And the gas station BLOWS UP IN HIS FACE.

Wow. How violent. 

Yes, I know, but it kind of has to be. ‘Cause you know, coma induction. 


SHHUSH! Someone might be listening, dippy head! 


Hmm. How many is that?






Okay, we’re done. 🙂


I just saved your life. Be thankful.


Also, I had some trouble logging in to my website for DAYS, so that’s why this post didn’t get out earlier. Closer to the end of this trouble, it was SOOOO PAINFUL BECAUSE I WANTED TO SHARE SOMETHING AND COULDN’T. AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA–


*Suddenly cuts with a BEEP*




Anyways, go give somebody a hug. Bye!


Until next time (which is like, two seconds from now, because I HAVE SOMETHING I. MUST. SHARE.),


The First Week of–Wait a Second Not the First Week… Umm… Just… An Update on The Raven and the Sparrow. :) (+Snippets)

Yeah, sorry for the three-mile long title. I just… Didn’t know what else to call it. 🙂 Sorry not sorry.


I haven’t been timing how long I’ve been outlining/brainstorming/structuring/whatindawerlddoicalldising, so I’m just going to… I don’t know… Tell you what I’m doing and shove snippets down your poor throat. >:)


Have fun.


Snippets are in blockquotes, like this. 


So, I read a book by David Morrell (Lessons From a Lifetime of Writing) talking about writing, and I found something I thought was cooler than outlining, so I’m using it. He didn’t really name the method, so I’ll call it… Talking to Myself.


Okay fine, Lauretsville, FL. Is your mind made up? 

No, it’s quite real. 



Yayyy I made a decision! 


As you can see, I have quite a bit of fun with this technique. 😉 (Okay, that second one wasn’t from a Talking to Myself, but whatever.)


Basically what it is is a written conversation with yourself. Exactly what it sounds like. XD


Rule #1: Don’t be serious (Morrell didn’t actually say that). I’m pretty much never serious in my conversation with myself. And apparently I’m really mean to me. :/


Rule #2: Ask yourself a lot of questions, especially “Why?” and “So what?” (Yes, Morrell said that.) I ask questions, but probably not enough, and I fall pretty short on “Why?” and “So what?” But I’m working on it. 🙂


Where is this story set? Have you thought about it at all? 

Uhh… Not really, actually. The state of Florida. 

What city? 

Supercallafragialisticexbiallidocious, FL. 


(I know, I spelled Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wrong. Whatever.)


The idea is to figure out your story without the boring outline. Nothing is decided; it’s only a big pile of random ideas. If you get an idea, write it down, no matter how stupid or how much sense it makes. Explore everything thoroughly. See what works and what doesn’t. Also make sure you don’t have any plot holes. Those are annoying (from what I’ve heard. Yippee! Lots of rewrites!).


I like the bombs idea, though. 

I figured. 


So that’s a short description of what I’m currently doing. And now, because I love snippets, it’s time for a snippet spree!


What’s a snippet spree? Glad you asked. It’s where I machine-gun fire snippets at you until you pass out. >:) (Just kidding, just kidding.) Good luck surviving!


Goodness, I’m so indecisive! I’ve had this one ending in mind since the inception of this idea, and I just recently came up with another one, and NOW I CAN’T DECIDE BETWEEN THE TWO. HALP. 


I have names for my characters. Raven, Sparrow, Pablo, Jacob, Jesse, Singapore, Ican’tremembertheothergirl’sname, and so on and so forth. I have a title. The Raven and the Sparrow. I kinda know what I want to happen, but what I want to happen isn’t fitting well with the Christian part. 


I have one simple word that refutes all of that. 

What’s that? 



Why in the wide world would they go to church? 

Simple. Family. 

Their mom and dad aren’t Christians. And I was thinking about their aunt and uncle. 


But are they alone? >:) 



Wow. Those summaries were super profesh. 


Okay, well, what do you want to happen at the beginning of the story? 

Ah, yes, the beginning. A very good place to start… 



Okay, we’ve got setting. Let’s talk about the characters. Who’s the main antagonist? 

Jesse Hartley, of course. 

Yes, yes. What’s Jesse’s plan? 


Do you want to add to that? 

What would I add? 

Like maybe that’s just what he wants people to think. 


Aha! I like where this is going! And it’s almost 22:00, so good night. 

Okay, good night. 


After that one I just wrote down ideas without the conversation with myself:


First part a = Not very Christian b/c Raven is worldly, rebellious brat but his aunt and uncle take him and Sparrow to church 


First part c = still not very Christian but Raven is distraught because ******************************************************************************* HEHE SPOILERS 

First part d = Still not very Christian *************************** HAHA SPOILERS ********************************************************************** EEEHEHE MORE SPOILERS 


a. intro 

b. show how bratty they are 

c. Mom and Dad are sick of it so they get sent off on ship 

d. Even more bratty 


Wow that’s a long book. 


Idea 1 is a little more appealing to me. I think I’ll take Idea 1. 


Aaaaannnnd the snippet spree is over.




For now.


Very soon, I will come back with an update on What Do I Even Call This, and THERE WILL BE MORE SNIPPET SHOVING. HEHEHE. And then hopefully I’ll be more regular with my Talking to Myselfing, starting Saturday.


So until the dreaded next time,



P.S. I revamped my site ’cause I didn’t like the other theme 😛

Nothing Special Chapter 1

Art: Valentina Rota.
Design: Pretty much by me, but I used the Storybird book writer thingy to make it. 😉 


Nothing Special, Chapter 1


My name is Phara, and I have a strange ability. I really like it, especially because I love romance. I’ve never told anyone about it, though (not even my parents), because I’m afraid no one will believe me.

Basically, I see two kinds of strings. I’ve given them names so I don’t confuse myself. I call them soul strings and love strings.

Soul strings are pretty simple. A soul string is a transparent purple string that connects you to your soul mate. Which seems a little bit pointless to me, because of the love strings.

Love strings are a little more complicated. This type of string appears when someone has a crush on another person. It has two halves—one for each person—and the halves change color depending on a person’s feelings for the other.

If you don’t have a crush on the other person, your half is blue. If you do, it’s green. If you like them enough to court them and maybe consider marrying them, it’s yellow. If you pine for them so much that you actually truly want to marry them, it’s orange. If you’re madly in love with them and it’s going to stay that way forever, it’s red. If neither one has a crush on the other, the string disappears.

Unlike soul strings, one person can have multiple love strings attached to them. Either because they’re weird and they crush on multiple people at once, or because multiple people are crushing on them at once. Usually (at least in my case), it’s the latter.

I don’t really understand why so many people like me. I’m not even that pretty. I’m just a shy, red-haired, green-eyed, fair-skinned girl with glasses and a few freckles on her left cheek who never wears makeup, nail polish, or jewelry except for a locket. I’m nothing special. Nothing special at all.

And yet, when I moved to my new school, I’ve got so many strings attached to my heart that practically everything below chest level is tinted blue.

Yes, I’m Crazy

You guys.


I’ve thought about it quite a bit, and I’ve decided…


I’m gonna wing it. I’m gonna write TWO BOOKS AT ONCE.


I don’t really know how this is going to turn out. I know it’s going to take a long time to finish them if I do this, but… I’m eight hours into a ten-hour-long track of He’s a Pirate, and all that’s doing is making me itch to write about pirates. I mean, I couldn’t possibly wait until The Raven and the Sparrow has been published to get started! I’m WAY too excited about it (HELP TITLE IDEAS PLEASE)!


So yeah. The covers for my projects:



And yes, that cover says What do I Even Call This. That’s what I’m calling it for now until I can yank a better idea out of my (or someone else’s) head. That cover for The Raven and the Sparrow is temporary.


Welp, that’s it for today! Wear your seat belt, hug somebody, and happy Pi Day!


Until next time,