Comment Rules

Hey there! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Kirstyn, a Christian writer, musician, doll collector, daydreamer, and chocolate lover. Because I’m a Christian, I have some standards, and there are things that I cannot tolerate. That is why this page was created–to let you know what those things are!


Comment Rules:

  1. Do not say anything creepy or stalkerish.
  2. Do not say anything to purposely hurt someone (in other words, no cyber-bullying on my blog).
  3. Do not say anything to purposely make someone angry or cause drama.
  4. Do not talk about inappropriate stuff.
  5. Do not give out any personal information, like phone numbers, addresses, or passwords.


And that’s it! None of those rules prohibit joking around or having fun, but please be sure you’re not taking your “fun” too far. All comments are moderated, so if you don’t see your comment, don’t panic; it most likely did go through. I hope you enjoy your time here at Kirstyn Todd, and just to let you know, comments make my day! I don’t mind long comments–I post some pretty long ones sometimes. 😉


Happy reading!