My Favorite Music

I recently (actually it was awhile ago) made a post about my most-used music sources, but I didn’t include them all. So because that post will eventually get pushed down far into the archives, I’ve decided to create this page listing them and some that I’d forgotten to think of. 🙂




The Kendricks are THE Christian musicians OF THE CENTURY. If you have not heard of them, then now you have just been placed into a whole new infinitely better world, my friend. If you have heard of them but don’t really listen to them, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


Unfortunately, I currently do not have a story that their music would be appropriate inspiration for. But I will eventually! That beautiful day will come when I LITERALLY ONLY LISTEN TO THE KENDRICKS THE ENTIRE DAY NONSTOP EVEN WHEN I’M WRITING.


CD’s: God’s Been GoodI’m a SoldierI’ll Stay TrueHymns and Bluegrass Favorites — Instrumentals by the Kendrick Family.

Stuff I Can’t Not Include: COMPLETE IN THEE!!! (Don’t forget to hit the Loop Playlist button!)



Use A Lot for Writing — HDSounDI 


HDSounDI is cool because they have mostly classical-ish-what’s-it-called in pretty much every genre, and because they’re mostly just promoting other musicians, it’s a good place to look for new sources.


They Don’t Have CD’s But They Do Have Playlists — Most EpicMost EmotionalMost Beautiful.





I mostly like BrunuhVille because of his EPIC song The Wolf and the Moon. But he has a ton of music so go check him out. 😉


CD’s: The Eternal ForestTales from the Lost KingdomAnimaAuraRebirthFantasy Journey: Celtic CollectionAurora (this one’s the best. Guess why.), NorthwindAge of WondersTimeless.





I messed up on my post. It’s not really a promotional site, it’s a radio network. Except it’s just on the internet. Wait, do they have an app? Is too lazy to check–shh!


So yeah here’s a link since there’s nothing else to put here… 



The Piano Guys


The Piano Guys are a bunch of musicians who started off as a music store, but they couldn’t sell any pianos so now here they are. Wait, how does that even happen?


CD’s: UnchartedWondersThe Piano Guys 2The Piano GuysChristmas TogetherA Family Christmas.



Andy McKee


Andy McKee is an amazing guitarist. My dad listened to him a lot when I was younger (at least that’s what I remember), and now I listen to him a lot. 🙂


CD’s: They’re all on one page… 





Sappheiros does a lot of slow, relaxing, and very inspirational music. His music is hard to put into a genre (mostly because I don’t know much about music genres… Shh!), but once in a comment he called it pianotech. XD Anyway, he’s cool, so go give him a subscribe if you can use YouTube. (Isn’t his name just so cool? XD)


He doesn’t have any CD’s but here’s his SoundCloud 

And for those of you who can YouTube here you go 


Stuff I Can’t Not Include: This mix with any one hour ambient rain sound track playing at the same time. TRY IT. GO. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about his playlist of probably every single song he’s ever uploaded.


And that’s all I got right now. Keep checking back every so often, ’cause I’ll probably update it a few times. 🙂