The Excellent Moral Christian Fiction Team

The Excellent Moral Christian Fiction Team is a group of authors who write great Christian fiction as opposed to the cheesy, low-quality books that are supposed to be Christian I see a lot. Our goal is to lead as many people to Christ as possible–through our books as well as our church ministries–and provide good, wholesome, non-toxic reading material to our fellow Christians. I’m not actually part of this group, which might surprise you…


Until you read the rules. ūüôā


The Rules:

  1. You must have at least one good, high-quality Christian book published and available to the public.
  2. Your book must¬†only use the Authorized King James Version 1611 Bible. If you have a problem with this,¬†watch Gail Riplinger’s video (below) and¬†read her book about it¬†(really, even if you’re totally fine with it, you should go do that anyway, because it’s important that you know this stuff).
  3. Your book must promote Christian beliefs that are actual Truth and can be supported by the Bible.
  4. Your book must be kid-friendly, with no cursing or inappropriate content.
  5. This isn’t necessarily a rule, but it drives me crazy when people do it, so I’m putting it in, anyway: Please, please,¬†please, I¬†beg you, DO NOT LET YOUR CHARACTERS KISS EACH OTHER BEFORE MARRIAGE. I know not a lot of people follow this standard, but we do, and every time I see people do that it¬†drives me up the wall.



And that’s all for now! Are you part of the team?

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