About Me

Hello there! My name is Kirstyn Todd, and this is my little corner of the Internet.

I’m a Christian teen writer, American Girl doll collector, conlanger, reader, Smasher, and musician. I love writing about family, adventure, and mystery. I also love conspiracies and secrets within the fictional world, so most of my fictional works have things to read between the lines… 😏

This is the only website I have at the moment, so here you will find stuff on writing, music, and American Girl. I’m planning to make YouTube channels dedicated to conlanging and Smashing (I’ve actually already created the channel for Smash, but I don’t know when I will post). I hope you enjoy my blog, despite all the different things going on… XD

Now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, here’s a list of random stuff about me! 😊

  1. My spiritual birthday (my Salvation day) is May 1, 2016, and it was established in my church on the far left of the very front pew, right section.
  2. I am a King-James-Onlyist!
  3. I love sending letters through the actual mail. It’s so much more fun and satisfying than e-mail for some reason.
  4. I can’t pick out one single favorite from any group of things (for example, I have “favorite colors,” not “a favorite color”). On the rare occasion when I can, it’s most likely because all the other options didn’t really stand out much.
  5. I am currently learning French!
  6. And I have a list of languages that I want to learn, including (but not limited to): Bulgarian, Na’vi, Klingon, and Japanese.
  7. My piano teacher is Bulgarian.
  8. I have two chimpanzees brothers (Richard and Michael), both younger than me.
  9. I also have a dog named Cyrus, and he’s a Great Dane.
  10. I really like cleaning my room for some reason.

That list will have things added to it over time, so if you’re curious, keep checking back. 🙂