~ S O  B A S I C A L L Y ~


I’m currently working on two books at once–The Raven and the Sparrow and What Do I Even Call This (meaning I need HALP). One of them is going amazingly great like seriously I’m on a roll now, and the other one… It’s doing good, but I still have no title. 🙂 (HALP)

~ A  L I T T L E  M O R E  D E T A I L ~


The Raven and the Sparrow



The Raven and the Sparrow is a story about a pair of twins who hate each other. Raven and Sparrow have been fighting and playing mean tricks since they were three years old, and when Raven is hurt as a result of one of Sparrow’s tricks, their parents decide they’ve had it. When Raven heals, the twins are sent on a six-month correctional ship cruise designed to improve the behavior of troubled children. Weeks later, a tragic accident happens, and Raven regrets his hatred toward his twin sister.



Genre: Family, action, adventure (nope! No spoilers. >:))

Status: In preparation

Drafted: No times (unless you count the barely-started, pantser version)

Alpha Reading: I have decided. I’m not doing alphas for the first draft. 🙂 (Don’t blame me! Daniel David Wallace said the first draft isn’t supposed to be shown to other people! Trust me, it was in his novel writing seminar!)

Beta Reading: I will not be doing betas for the first draft

Anniversary of Inspiration: Unknown

How it Was Inspired: Unknown

Cover: (Temporary.) By Kirstyn Todd (I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO FIX IT. I was so dumb! All I had to do was click on it, and it had a little sizer thingy. -_- *Facepalm*)

Will Start Next Draft: Probably pretty soon. Maybe in August or September? 



What Do I Even Call This

Yes, What Do I Even Call This. I am at a loss of ideas. You’ll just have to deal with it until the Idea Crisis is over.



Tallyn is an ordinary boy with an ordinary life–until (something happens), resulting in a coma. While in a coma, he finds himself stuck in a dream set far back–in the pirate times. Trying to find a way to wake up, he hunts down a (witch type person) for answers. After having no luck with the (witch lady), the village is raided by pirates, and (name) is captured. The only way to escape the torture of being a slave, he realizes, is to somehow convince Captain (What’s-His-Face) that he’d be useful on his crew as a pirate.



Genre: Action, mystery, family secrets (Dun, dun, DUNNN!! >:))

Status: In preparation

Drafted: No times

Alpha Reading: Unavailable for the first draft.

Beta Reading: Unavailable for the first draft.

Anniversary of Inspiration: March 8th, 2018

How it Was Inspired: I was listening to He’s a Pirate, and pirate battle scenes were playing through my head (naturally). I don’t really know how I got the idea for the kid going into coma, but it happened, and I really liked the idea, so… Here we are!

Cover: (Probably temporary.) By Kirstyn Todd

Will Start Next Draft: Soon and very soon! Maybe August or September.

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